Saturday, March 20, 2010

You know WHAT....

I love Max, I really, really, REALLY love that kid.  Believe me, he's adorable, and smart and funny and so sweet.  BUT, man oh man can he test me, and he can make me cry.

The other morning, I was trying to get ready in a hurry, Jere was getting ready too and the kids were playing about the house.  For reals, this is normally so just fine.  However, this particular morning I hear Maggie say:

"Ummm, he broke the pink glass Mommy." 

To which I though, I don't even own a pink glass, whatever.  But then I got a little nervous.  WHAT 'pink" glass was she talking about.  She kept repeating his infraction and then I heard it, the tinkling of little broken bits.  I opened up the door to find Max, jagged shard of glass in hand, merrily playing on the kitchen floor amidst a sea of broken glass.  BEAUTIFUL, purple and hand painted Venetian, hand blown glass.  It was my beautiful and prized Venetian vase that my parents had brought home from Italy.  I was crushed.  I cleaned it up as quickly and best I could and then I promptly went to my room and cried.  I cried and cried.  I know it's really silly, but I really loved that vase, and I was sad to see it go to such a tragic demise.

Max also likes to throw, ney, CHUCK WITH GREAT FORCE whatever he gets in his hands, whether that is a sippy, food, balls, etc.  I'm really worried that someday a window is gonna meet it's untimely death by his hands as well.  But, he does it all with such glee and a big toothy smile, that honestly, sometimes, it's hard to get after him.

Wanna know what else happened this week?  Ok, I'll tell you.
Maggie spiked a 102 fever one night, and she'd been acting sick and funny about peeing, so I thought, maybe she had a UTI or something.  I called my Mom, told her the symptoms, she agreed that it sounded like such.  So, I figured I'd suck it up and take her to the doctoor the next day.  This only sucks due to the lack of insurance, so I knew it'd be 75 bucks out of pocket.  Next morning, still had a fever, so i really called and really took her in.  Our usual doc was out of town, so they had me see another doc in the practice.
Maggie is NOT a fan of the doctor.  Who knows why?  She's overly dramatic to be sure.  So, I'm holding her on my lap, she's crying about how he will hurt her, etc.  and in walks this delicious man.  Sorry, no other way to say it, this doctor was HAAAAWWWWWWTTT!!  And on top of hot, he was so cool.  He spent sooo much time just talking to Maggie, joking with her, playing with her, tyring to get her to calm down, and let him do his thing.  To be perfectly honest, I was ready for him to just do it, and stop trying to be her friend. BUT, in the end, he won her over.  She smiled at him, stopped crying, let him look in her ears, etc.  When I told him what I thought was wrong, symptoms, etc.  He of course said he needed a pee sample.  He looked at Maggie and said, "so, you gonna help me out?  You gonna give me some pee pee?"  To which she replied (with a dramatic protruding lower lip)  "I"m TRYING."  He looked at me, then he looked at her and he said, "You know what YOUR problem is don't you?  You're TOO smart." Amen brother, AMEN!  Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we got to the doc at 9:50, by 11:50 she still hadn't peed, and we'd tried everything, so we left, went to lunch, went home and at precisely 1:50p.m. on Thursday Maggie looked up, smiled excitedly and said "I'm PEEING in the bag Mommy." Oh, they had bagged her, so it'd get caught and we didn't have to deal with the toilet.  FOUR HOURS it took, but we finally got it.  So, now I had to traipse CLEAR back to the office with pee in hand.  And you wanna know what?  There was nothing wrong.  No infection, NOTHING.  Just a random fever.  So, I literally took 75 bucks out, peed on it and flushed it down the toilet.  That hurts, that hurts BAD!!!  Another note on hot doc...he called me on Friday, just to check on Maggie, see how she was doing.  I've never had a doctor do that.  DILEMMA!  I SO want to switch to him as her doctor, but awkwardness would abound I'm sure, since he's in the same practice with ur other doctor, who is good friends with my sister.  What to do.?

On the upside, since I was out and child free, I decided to have some me time.  i mean, I deserved it right?  I have a yucky sinus/cold, snot hell going on, I felt and looked like crap, so I deserved solitude.  I got the car washed, put gas in, went to Avenue ALL.BY.MYSELF and got some new sunglasses and adorable flip flops AND i got a pedi.  Man I love pedis!!!  It turned out to be a great afternoon for a wasted morning.

Jere is in the throws of Easter Pageant, so we haven't seen much of him all week.  Tonight I'm gonna take the kids to the rehearsal performance, 'cause ummm, have you ever had the misfortune of trying to go to pageant during it's run?  You have to park a good 5 miles away, camp out hours in advance and deal with 4000 people.  While pageant is wonderful and all, it's just not worth that hassle to me. (Sorry jenee).  So, we'll go tonight, while it's quiet on the western front.  The kids can run free, get a feel for it and I can get my Easter spiritual upliftment!!  Hey, don't tell me I'm not  supporter of the cause.

Got my hair done today.  Can we get a woot woot!  I needed that like I needed a toothbrush i the morning, a kleenex for the snot nose, or like the air to breathe.  I love when it's fresh and new.  I mean, the color only lasts for like A DAY before it fades, so I need to live it up whilst I can.  Hence, party at the pageant!!

With that said.....

Peeps and pageants,



Emily Lauren said...

Saddest that max broke your special vase. It seems like they know just what you wouldn't want broken/touched and they gravitate toward it.

Taking your kids to the Dr., paying a butt load of money, and then finding out they're fine is the worst. We took B to the ER on the 4th of July once to find out nothing was wrong. Rhhhggg. . . I guess, be grateful that they're fine, right?

Who is this said Dr. and where is he located?? We aren't a fan of our pediatrician and are looking to switch. I'm all for switching to a hot, wonderful one :)

Yay for pedicures and new hairdos :)

LadyCarma said...

I say go to the new Doc! Tell the receptionist that you really loved the relationship he developed with your daughter and that her fear of doctors is an issue. You are a mom trying to help your child overcome paranoia. And if you see the other doctor in the hall or office, just smile and say Maggie picked HER own doctor! Blame it on her. After all, she will be blaming you for EVERYTHING in the years to come.
Sorry about your vase! Why is it that only the valued pieces get broken? The junk that you wish would break so you could chuck it hangs around for years! Hang in there as you are an amazing woman and mother!

Jenn C. said...

Love your stories! I am with you on the Easter Pageant. When my kids are much older we will brave the crowds. I am glad that you took some "me" time!

Sabes said...

I might need to know who this said "HAAAAWWWWWWTTT!" doctor is, and if he's married. If single, we can help each other out here-when asked by other doctor what's going on? you can reply with, I am trying to work some romance magic here for my friend and your associate, you wouldn't want to mess with destiny right?

If he's married, well then, just go to him anyway, and the other dr. probably won't even notice. If he does, just tell him you needed to get in ASAP for your schedule and that left you with the option of waiting for forever, or seeing the other guy. Then find out if the hot one is maybe going through a divorce...oh wait, scratch that last phrase

The Atomic Mom said...

I am sorry about your special pink glass. I am. I've put away most of the breakables in our house.

As for Max and throwing though, he and James must be channeling the same spirit. He is IN TO throwing things. Food, fits, bathtoys...grr!

As for changing doctors. You do what is best for your family. If your kids respond better to Dr Hottie, then go to him. I'm sure your friend will not mind, and if he does, it's his problem. But when it comes down to it, I'm sure he wont' even notice.

And I feel the same way about the Easter Pagent. Last year when we came down everone kept askinf if we were going to go. No, because it's 5 miles to park and 4000 people.

Sarah S. Foote said...

It's been way too long since I've come here. Forgot how much I love reading your blog. You are to spot on.
I SO feel your pain of the glass. I have shed quite a few tear over things that I loved and lost at the hands of my boys. I had to repeat to myself over and over people are more important then things.
While I believe this most of the time, it still hurts when you get chucked in the face with a toy or have something you love destroyed.
As for the cleverly worded, $75 pee. We've all been there, if Maggie has overcome her fear, at least you left with a consolation prize
I too want the name of this Dr. Alex is quite afraid of Doctors.

Sarah S. Foote said...

PS Love the blog make-over & fabulous family pictures.

Kirsten said...

Uh ya... is that Dr single? I need someone that can take care of me so I don't need to be the sugar momma anymre! haha!