Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clouds of puff....

This picture totally taken from Google Image
I'm not cool enough for nature shots

The clouds hung heavy and full, with just enough orangey glow from the sun as it set in the sky that you could see the way in front of you. And you could marvel in the beauty of another Arizona sunset.

A somewhat cool breeze was blowing through our hair as we walked excitedly toward our destination.

The sounds of a highschool football game were hanging in the air.  The announcer on the loud speaker, the crowd cheering on their team.

My heart was happy and full as Max's chubby little hand held tightly to mine with each step.  And Maggie ran blissfully ahead informing me that she was "just so fast."

Joy of joys....I think fall might FINALLY be making a a timid little peeksy at us. 

And I could not be more excited.

Excited for morning walks with my kids all around our larger neighborhood. (where we're not a sweaty pool of goo)
Excited for evening walks with my kids to Gramma Dars, where there is always promise of good conversation, toys for the kids to play with and a tootsie pop to reward us for our efforts.
Excited to see the pure joy on my kids face at the prospect of just being outside. And hearing Max squeee "outsiiiide?  Want go outsiiiide!"
Excited for famillies to be out on their lawns and hanging out with our neighbors on their porch.
Excited for the neighborhood bbq.  People are making their slow emergence from their summer cocoons.
Excited for cooler weather and shorter days.

Puff balls and happy feet,



Minky {moo} said...

I was desperate for summer after this past horrible winter. But now? I am begging Fall to arrive. Sweaters have been purchased but the humidity is still hovering at 90% and temps in the 80's. COME ONE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!

This post made me so jealous I can't stand it.

Jen West said...

I had my doors wide open for a short while this morning... oh the teasing!

Kristina P. said...

I could not agree more! You actually get a long fall. Our fall is about 2 weeks, and then we get pounded with evil snow. Booooo.

alison said...

i thought, for a red hot second, that we might get a little fall coming our way...but alas, it hit 96 today. i was reading a book about "autumn" to my storytime classes this week and it just felt all wrong. i yearn for temps below the boiling point! but, unfortunately i live in florida (aka the left armpit of hell) and we get two seasons: summer and something-a-little-less-than-summer. we occassionally get a squee-bit of winter for about 30 minutes halfway through february....but that's about it.

LanaBanana said...

I always am a little sad to see the lazy summer days say goodbye, but when the cooler weather hits and the pumpkins get set out on porches, a new excitement starts a-brewin' inside me. :) Hooray fall!