Sunday, September 5, 2010

I will be so Happy Mommy

Last Saturday night we decided to go over to Porter and Lanas for an impromptu visit.  Actually the kids INSISTED that we get out of the D-A-M house or else.  So, I obliged their request.  I gave P-dawg a ringy ding ding and though he had some plans, Lana was gonna be home and he and the kids would get there later.  So, off we went, but not before a stop off at Jeres academy where none other than Lauren Gottleib of SYTYCD All-Star fame was teaching a master class.  Jere being Jere had already become BFF's with her.  That's just what he does.

Do note his hair is a touch on the "big" side.
Exciting news with Lauren and his studio forthcoming (but not in this blog post, so don't get all excited yet).

Ok, where were we....oh right, Jere, studio, stopping by.
He agreed to meet us out at Lanas after he finished making out hanging out with Lauren.

So, after a stop off for some Subway we finally arrived at their house.  We ate our dinner and visited with Lana, looked at all her Greer pics (WAY better than mine) and waited for Jere to arrive.  He got there about the same time as Porter and the kids.  So now it was an official madhouse.

Jere decided that he really NEEEDED a haircut and talked Lana into giving him one.  She's WAY to nice.  So off they went to her "SAL-on", which if you MUST know is her bathroom.  Yeah, she's real swank like that.

As Jer was getting his haircut, Maggie said to me "I will be real happy if you cut my hair. I won't cry, I will be so nice and be happy."  To which I smiled and said "Mmm hmmm, that's nice dear."(please read that with your best June Cleaver sounding voice.  I thank you.)   But Jeres superhero hearing kicked in and he got all atwitter.  He has wanted to chop Maggies hair off for awhile (I don't understand that and have thus far IGNORED said requests).  BUT, he jumped on her desire and willingness and stoked her fire.  I was not all for a haircut, but maybe just a little trim.

He gathered Maggie up on his lap and said, "NOW, if we cut your hair, Mom will HAVE to do it everyday, and you can't fight her.  Do you promise to let Mommy do your hair EVERYDAY?" She said yes, she would agree to that.  So, next thing I know Jere is throwing her placing her gently into the chair and reassuring her that this is a GREAT idea.

And thus.......Maggie sat down for her first REAL and OFFICIAL haircut.  I mean, more than her bangs trimmed or her mullet fixed.

Jere freshly cut and Maggie all prepped for the moment.
Told you, Lana is SWANKIDY DANKIDY in her glamorous bathroom, Um I mean SALON.

I'll say daughter has FABULOUS hair.  And I'm just grateful for it everyday.  'Cause she did NOT get it from her Mama.

Her first blowdry as well.
She was sooooo pleased with the whole process.
She felt so grownup and cool.
And repeatedly told us how happy she would be.

It was definitely shorter than I had planned. 
But she's still pretty freaking cute.

All in all a successful venture out of our home for one night.

Too bad the next morning started the great barfapalooza of 2010.

However, she has kept her promise, and lets me do her hair everyday with little to no fight.  GLORY BE!

Scissors snips and pinky promises,



✩Molly✩ said...

How wonderful! Her hair looks great :) And 2 free hair cuts, that is a score!

the shoafs said...

okay there anyone that jere DOESN'T know?? a real-life brush with SYTYCD??? i.would.die! and i love that lana has a "salon" in her bathroom. my kids get their hair cut on a plastic steps that we use by the the yard...with a towel clothespinned around their neck. sorta because that's what we have to work with....but mostly because we're pretty redneck ;) and i can't even go there on thinking about cutting hannah's hair. she's never had a trim or anything in 5 years. i know, i know....she should really have a trim, but i just can't do it. loves the mags' hair though! super cute and she looks so posh :)

jen said...

Isn't is weird when your little girl gets their first cut and then they're all grown up or something? She looks darling.

Kristina P. said...

It is so cute! Why can't I have perfect hair like that?

Steffany813 said...

It's a great injustice that kids have the best hair and don't appreciate it as much as we would. LOL.

erin said...

thats totally how my sister rocks it! cutting hair in the bathroom! looks good :)

Poppy said...

Haircut = adorable. I hope she didn't ruin her blow out with vomit.

Pini Family said...

So grown up! She is so cute!!

Grace said...

My girls NEVER let me touch their hair. Never. Not that I would have known what to do with all the hair. I have as much as Chewbacca, and my girls have more than I do.