Monday, September 6, 2010

Sophomore Stories

Fall 1987

(Here we have a play on my ever popular "BOB".  For some reason, someone had curled my hair, and I have some more awesome wings going on.  However, I do have to give props my bangs, cause they are AWESOME!  This shirt?  I just really have to wonder what I was thinking.  It's wierd and wrinkly and I got it at like Stewarts+ or Catherines or something lame like that.)

It was Fall, 1987....all things Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze were the soundtrack of my life, or of everyones life, who are we kidding.

However, this memory begins in the summer BEFORE my sophomore year.  Because the events of that summer determined the course of my highschool life, and well, perhaps my life really.

As you know, I had gone to Taylor for Jr. high and the highschool it fed into was Mesa High, the alma mater of my parents and my older sister.  At the end of the school year I auditioned for the highest choir at Mesa High.  I intended to go there, to carry on forever more, carry on ye sons and daughters true. What? oh sorry, just busted into a little song.  Anyway...I made the top choir with the great Mr. Garrett, the plan was set.

Now, cut to mid summer.  My ward and one other ward in a different stake were offered an opportunity to go on a Pioneer Trek.  The first ever trek done in AZ.  Hmmm?  Don't know what that is?  Well, essentially it is where you dress in authentic pioneer clothes, and you push/pull handcarts for 3 days, camp out in the open, eat horrible food and basically get to experience what the pioneers did as they walked across the plains of America on their way to Utah. Feel free to click HERE for a better description.  I'm sure this sounds ridiculous and wierd to all my non Mormon friends, but I assure you it is really an eye opening, humbling and cool experience.  BUT, I didn't know it at the time.

When I heard that I would not be allowed to wear any makeup or shower for 3 days, I said a big HELL to the NO to going.  How was I EVER s'posed to survive the humiliation of no makeup and my mall bangs being deflated.  Really people, this is asking too much!!  PLUS I had been offered a weekend babysitting job, making money.  But, my Dad felt it very important that I attend.  He offered to pay me to go...I said, "FINE, I'll DO IT."  UGH!

Long story short, we walked 17 miles in one day.  Ever done that, having not done ANY exercise ever.  How about pushing a handcart up and down hills? Yeah, me EITHER!   But, in the course of my stanking, non make up wearing, deflated bang wearing, under the star sleeping I met some wonderful people.  I made friends that are still friends to this day.  And all of these people went to Westwood.  I also gained a greater appreciation for all I had, and for all that was done for me by the Pioneers.  I was humbled and greatful for the experience.  And you'll be impressed pleased to know that I did not accept the money from my Dad when all was said and done.  I know, I'm so awesome.

It's now a few weeks before school starts.  I got a phone call from that damn Helena Nielson (for the record, I just think it's hilarious to call her that, not that she WAS a bad person....even if she did steal my typing award in 9th grade.) She invited me to come and pick out lockers with "the group" and get stuff for school.  I was so excited to be included.  I went to the local Yellow Front (seriously we had a store called that) and bought my lock, my school supplies and showed up ready for my locker pickin.  I put my lock on my spot, said hello to my friends and then went home.

I don't know what happened, but something changed, and I had doubts in my head.  I began to wonder if I was s'posed to go to Mesa High or Westwood.  I cried about it, I talked to my mom, I worried about it.  What was I s'posed to do?  And WHY was this happening now?

After much discussing, prayer and pros and cons list writing, I finally decided that Westwood is where I was s'posed to go.  Even though I had NO locker friends and I would be giving up the top choir at one school to be in the lowly sophomore choir in another.  WHY?


My long time best friend was going to Westwood, and some kids from my ward, but other than that, I didn't feel like I had any friends or knew anyone.

To make matters brother Eric was Senior Class president and was, well, for lack of a better term...he was the shit.  Every girl wanted to be with him, he was VERY popular.  And here I come, chubby, unknown and less than "the shit."  He did NOT appreciate having to drive me to and from school each day, and certainly was NOT a fan of having me tag along at lunch time.  But THAT is another post for another day.

School began and I had to seriously wonder many, MANY times why I made this choice.

To be continued....


Kristina P. said...

I never did an actual Pioneer trek. Althugh, we did do this weird thing where we had to do a trail walk up a mountain, in the middle of the night. Talk about sucking.

And high school was miserable for me. I wish I had a cool older brother there.

Poppy said...

Your present day picture looks much younger than me, but seriously your hair pictures are matching mine year for freaking year. I graduated in 91. You?

Jen West said...

Seriously, how CAN you remember the details of EVERY year of your life? I am impressed, and having fun reading! hehehe :)

✩Molly✩ said...

I can't believe your dad paid you to go on the trek! I wish someone had paid me, I hated it, got gigantic blisters on the back of my feet to the point that I could no longer walk.... and my skirt caught on fire one morning while I was there. Seems like there is a lot left out of your sophomore story, will this be continued on another post?

The Atomic Mom said...

Did you trek in AZ in the summer? Holy cow! I have no desire whatsoever to go on one of those things. It's the sleeping on the floor that scares me.

And I totally remember Yellow Front....on Main Street? I loved that place. You could get everything at Yellow Front!

And I had no idea at all you almost were a Jackrabbit! None! Who even knew??!!

Andrea said...

I didn't realize you almost went to Mesa High. I love your rivalry with Helena, the funny thing is she has no idea about this rivalry thing going on. How in the world do you remember things like the locker buddy thing. I am sure I was there and I have no memory of it. Oh well I guess I just remember the important things like why Mrs Slocum took you out to ice cream and things like that. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

jen said...

I'm with Jen. How do you remember this stuff?
That being said, I was a freshman at BYU at this time, beginning my favorite memories of my life. Can't wait to hear . . . the rest of the story (do you hear Paul Harvey, anyone?)

Leslie @ crunchybetty said...

It's taking all my willpower not to slack and go find all my hair pictures from high school that look EXACTLY like that!

Oh, those were the days.

Giving up the choir must've been a huge thing. I can't wait to read the next installment and see what happened!

Jason and Kate said...

You left me hanging! I never went on trek but I probably would have if my dad paid me. :) Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.