Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look Ma....I'm a big kid

A certain little Bubsy has graduated from sitting in the cart to eat at Costco to sitting at the "BIG" bench with Mommy and Sissy.  He was pretty pleased with this new "position" in life. And he did fairly well at staying in his seat.  Only minimal jumping down and trying to play in the garbage.  Really, Maggie is much worse.

A certain pretty Princess is LOVING school.
I believe we've turned a very important corner.
She is now allowing me to do her hair everyday.
Very little attitude.

 I had to post a picture of the biggest kid of all!
They all thought they were so funny and cute, laying in Maggies bed together.
In fact, I was "paged" to hurry back to the room and "see this".  I believe Jeres words were "You're gonna want to bring the camera."
So, I'm dutiful like that.
They're silly.

Speaking of camera...I can NOT find my battery charger anywhere.  I'm FREAKING out.  My battery is dead.  What in the WORLD will I do without my camera at the ready.  There are memories to be kept here people. MEMORIES TO BE KEPT!!
What a mess.

I love my "big kids"!
All THREE of them. (tee hee)

Happy faces and Costco Dogs,



The Bipolar Diva said...

Those are perfect pictures! They just tend to grow too fast don't they :(

Anonymous said...

What a cute family you have!

stopping by from SITS

the shoafs said...

in this picture, maggie looks JUST like a little girl who is in hannah's kindergarten class. she wouldn't happen to have a twin named mckenzie would she?? and i think that it's a requirement for the hubs to stand in as the "extra" kid! jere's only doing his job.... (and it's STILL pronounced "JER" in my head. why can't i get past that????)

your post made me panic for a second and run to go make sure my camera charger was in the right spot. had a moment there thinking that i had taken it with me somewhere....but there it was. all waiting for me to run my camera battery down to next-tah-nothin'. whew....crisis averted. now alls i need to do is make sure it's juiced up for the back-to-back bday party weekends coming up soon.

azandersens said...

Hey, I forgot to mention that Izzy just started at Miss. Ranelle's and is in Brooklyn's class! So excited. I can't even comment on your post about the funeral. I can't even think about it. I used to think singing should be outlawed at funerals, but maybe it is possible. Don't know how you did it.

It's Something Beautiful said...

Aw how cute! I hope you find your charger soon, can you buy one for it if you can't find it?