Thursday, September 9, 2010

Now I Believe in Magic....and Moments with Maggie

Oh, I believe in Magic

You see that?


That VOID of color, of red artwork is a BEAUTIFUL thing my friends.

THAT would be a WHITE door, no painting required.

Which makes me:


And keeps this guys bum bum safe from a smack smack!
hee hee

It really is MAGIC.
So thank you all for your suggestions.
And should look into it.

Add a little water, a littler elbow grease, and we're good to go.
Ok, won't lie.....the floor scribbles are still just that.  The eraser did not remove those.  So, any other suggestions for the vinyl?

Alright, now I have some funny Maggie moments.

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready (or perhaps sitting on the throne, you decide) Max and Maggie were playing in the bathroom, going in and out the door.

One particular time Maggie went out and Max took it upon himself to lock the door.
Screaming and crying and SCREAMING ensued.  Maggie was beside herself that Max would lock her out.  She DEMANDED that he open the door this instant.
He really was trying to unlock it, bu couldn't quite figure it out.
Then she was kicking the door and yelling.
I in turn was yelling back that kicking wasn't solving anything, and Max was trying, and if she kicked the door again so help me she was gonna get a something.
JUST in the knick of time he got it unlocked.  Proudly proclaiming.."I did it, I DID it."
The door opened, a wild eyed Maggie standing there looks at Max and says.
"Max, MAX why did you do that?"
Then she puts her hands on his shoulders lowers her face to his and says
"Max, TALK TO ME!"  "WHY did you lock that door?"
Then she kneels on the ground in front of him, hands still on his shoulders and continues to repremand him and demand answers.
Of course he had nothing to say, though I'm sure his inner dialogue went a little something like this:
"Srsly Maggie, you should CHILL out.  It was an assident!  Gotta go play...what? are you STILL talking to me?"

Of course all was well soon enough and they were back on their merry playing way.
And I got a good morning chuckle.

Lately, she will NOT go to bed without yelling out,
"Mommy, I forgot to tell you a secret."
I come back, she insists it must be IN MY EAR.
I lean down, she waits and then says in a whisper
"Ummmm, I LOVE YOU."
Then I get to tell her I love her back.
Then Max pipes up from his crib....
"I secret, I secret."
So, I lean my ear over the side of the crib, and he whispers up
"your ear"
I smile, say I love him too and leave.

This afternoon on our way home from picking Maggie up from preschool, Max did something and Maggie, laughing, said:
"Max you are di-larious"
I asked her..."what did you just say?"
And she repeated...
"Max is DI-LARIOUS" hahaha (meaning hilarious, which I thought truly WAS hilarious)

We've had to resort to bribery for Maggie to wipe her butt, as she thinks it's completely unnecessary and beneath her.

So, we have "potty gum".  If she actually wipes after peeing, or allows me to wipe her after # 2 then she gets "potty gum."
So she will proudly come out from the bathroom and say
"okayyyyy, I wiped, now give me some potty gum."
She'll yell from the bathroom...
"I just made a HUUUGE poop, come and see it Mommy, it's HUGE!"
Who couldn't be proud of THAT?

Last night I was kissing her goodnight and she pulled her head back and said
"You're lips are GROSS."
I asked why.
She said
"They're just GROSS Mommy."

Well that sucks!

These days when I pick her up from school and ask what she did, her immediate response is
"NUFFING, I didn't do anyfing!"
I had a little snack and I played.

So today when I picked her up, she was rather dirty.
I noted her messed up look and said, Maggie, how'd you get so dirty.
She seriously, in the most annoyed, teenagery way said
Like I was the stupidest woman EVER for asking such an obvious question.
My bad!

Wanna know what doesn't suck.....

Having a totally funny, smart, sassy 3 year old that keeps me on my toes ALL DAY every day!  She is trying, that is for sure.  But, she also tells me a WHOLE lot that she loves me, and that I'm her best friend.  And those times make up for the sass.

White doors and silly girls,



Kristina P. said...

I was picturing something else with potty gum, so I'm glad it wasn't what I was thinking of.

And yay for Magic Eraser! it doesn't remove EVERYTHING, but it removes a lot of stuff.

Court and Julie said...

Man alive I am having a hard time keeping up with all your posts.

I had him at Bali Hai was another classic one liner by you!

Funny piece of tidbit. Warren Bodine was in my ward when I was little. In fact his family purchased my house when we moved to Texas when I was eight. Then when we moved back to Arizona, he and his family ended up in our new ward. I spent a memory filled Saturday at traffic school with him long ago and we have had a strong 'kinship' ever since Ü Although I don't recall him wearing make-up...

And yes the magic eraser is indeed magical with how many things it manages to get out---albeit with ALOT of elbow grease!

I love reading your memory lane posts. My family has just enough connections to the Westwood side of town and Maricopa Stake that I feel like I totally am right there with ya!

Thx for sharing!

Cheeseboy said...

That is a truly amazing magic door. But not as magic as her reaction.

Natalie said...

Yep, the Magic Eraser rocks!!

I love the secrets...Tater always leans in and then talks on the other side of his hand (away from my ear). It's pretty cute!

✩Molly✩ said...

rubbing alcohol will get it off the floor, as it won't be so pourous.

DianD said...

Truly laughed out loud at the picture you painted of Maggie scolding Max... It won't be long until she'll have to put her hands on his shoulders and look UP to scold... he's growing so fast! And truly, they are both di-larious! Sorry I missed them today. Love that I'm a rock star g'ma! ;)

North of 25A said...

Hi! Visiting from SITS; belated congratulations on your SITS day. I do love my magic erasers too!

the shoafs said...

i'm beginning to think that magic erasers are chock full of dark voodoo magic. i have seen those things take stuff off that i was pretty sure was going to require a blow torch and a chisel. i'm actually sorta tempted to try it out on my toenail polish since i've had it one for about 18 months and i'm thinkin' that the polish remover ain't gonna cut it. (gross, i know....but YOU brought up poop. so i countered with my nasterific toesies!)

also, i love that maggie's giving you all manner of hell. not sure why that gives me a giggle, but i'm thinking it's mainly because of that double L and Y that you insist on throwing around. i know i said a long time ago that i was going to let that go....but when someone is just blatantly's hard to overlook ;)

and i'm glad that max received a stay of execution. i was seriously considering flying out to AZ to save him from his mean ole mommy....

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVE those magic erasers. It has given me many a white walls again.

Lene said...

did you try the aerosol hairspray trick?

Tara LaRue said...

Have you ever read, "These Is My Words?" Great EXCELLENT book and there's a part in there when the daughter spreads blue ink all over the house. The mother eventually cleans most of it up, but allows some to ink to remain (or is unable to get rid of it - can't remember) and through the years she sees that blue ink and fondly remembers her children and the time of their lives when that blue ink stain happened...

Anyway, love you dearly friend and I look forward to your blog posts more than just about anyone. In fact I shared yesterday's with a couple of friends here at work and they were crying from laughing so hard. You rock sister friend. You really do.

Mel said...

I will not lie, I secretly love that Max is so mischievous. hahahaha

Summer said...

Dont feel so alone. Mom of four who just discovered the magic eraser last week. My baby (4yr old) colored from kitchen to family room to hallway. using a blue crayon on walls, fridhe, oven, floors. On the hallway she decided to switch to black sharpie. Well, it sat that way for about a month tell I decided to see if their was magic. OOOHHH! I was so excited! All clean! (and- to clear my name this happened when I was at GNO and daddy was in charge) :) Love the blog- I'm a new addicted reader you are a fantabulous writer!

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

Just getting back to reading your blog after being off line the entire month of August. Golly how I've missed the humor!

Sounds like Maggie really is Jere's little gitl. "I just made HUGE poop, come look at it" LMAO quite literally... Haven't laughed so hard since Saturday night and the PSA about sanitary pads.

Mucho Love to you, when do we get to spend some quality time?

Steph said...

Potty gum. . . I'm seriously cracking up over that one. You have the funniest blog ever!