Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moments with Maggie

So this just happened:

We're sitting on the couch.
Maggie is playing with my phone.
I'm checking facebook.
I'm singing "Look Down" from Les Miz
You know...just serenading my kid with some musical theatre classics.
Who DOESN'T do that?
Maggie very irritated says:
"Would you please just shush!?"
I chuckled and said.
"Wow Maggie, how do you REALLY feel."
She replied.
And then looked up at me with a face to match.

I laughed for a good long time.

I TOLD you people.

I shall heretofore refer to her as Oscar the Grouches apprentice.

Grumps and grouses,



✩Molly✩ said...

so funny. Scarlett went throught his phase where as soon as I started signing she would holller, "There's NO singing anymore!!!" luckily it passed. Now she likes it when I sing. She'll say, "great job mom" or "that was a nice song, mom", and my ego is grateful for her change of heart as she is my only audience!

alison said...

LOVE that face! i don't sing (mainly because i care about my kids' ears and their wellbeing!) but occassionally i'll throw down in the kitchen and actually cook something.....and alot of times i'll get "ewwwww mommmy....this is gross!" out of hannah. i'm wondering at what age they'll develop a filter on what they say???? i called her "sassypants" the other day and she got all offended by it.....i told her "well, if the shoe fits" and she looked at me all sassypantsish and said, "mahhhhhma, i'm not WEARING any shoes". sheesh. point definitely not taken!

Tractor Mom said...

Oscar would be so proud!!!

Come by when you get done laughing...

LanaBanana said...

Wouldn't it be hysterically ironic if your kids couldn't stand musical theatre music and only wanted rap or hip hop? :)

Jen West said...

I think my 2 yr old is beginning to rival that sass!

jen said...

That's girls for ya!
Hey--I got your message, and I commented on Rita's blog. I hope she believes me when I say that I would love to talk to her. But she doesn't know me at all, so that may be a little weird.
I told her that you could add a little insight on Tucker as well, so . . .
He does sound exactly like Tucker--minus the singing at the top of his lungs every second.

Vee said...

Hilarious - what a cutie you have! I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower! I'm returning the favor. =]

lexlocilori said...

so stinkin cute.

Vee said...

Coming back to tell you I left you something on my blog today. =]

Becky said...

I love that with children you know exactly where you stand! Just stopped by from Everyday Kings...saw "Mesa" and had to check out your blog! I think we're a little bit east of you. Totally had our pictures taken at MAC too!

WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, Natalie has the same kind of 'tude.