Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sonic Soirees

You don't know Sonic?
Don't love it?
You're BROKEN.
It's such an OBVIOUS choice for soirees.

Meet my friend Jenee.
She is single handedly keeping Sonic in business.
She LIVES for this:

Sonic Ice.
She buys it by the bagful, many, MANY bags full, plus fills her
cups up daily with more ice, and or diet coke.

Anyway...due to her great patronage, and her sparkling personality, she is LOVED!
Juan the manager, and even the carhops are all her besties.

So, she decided...what better place to have her 40th birthday party than

Only Jenee.

But, it wasn't just any old party, because you don't know Jenee.  Nothing is just small.

Juan and his wife went to town and ballooned and streamered the place out.

Little menus were posted, of the free food and drinks that were ours. 
Me and the Moz sticks are total besties. Trust me.

Anyway, she had a DJ, and some kickin tunes.
Don't ever play good music with Jenee and her family around.
A spontaneous dance party broke out with the
greatest booty poppin and hot droppin you've ever seen.
People seriously grooving, AT SONIC, in boas even.
ONLY IN the 85201.

There was an area set up for "Minute to Win It" games, of which Jere took full advantage.  He won gift cards to I-tunes and Sonic.
There was a raffle.
More prizes.

Juan even got in on the "surprises."
He was adorable, announcing he had a surprise for Jenee
and then bringing this out:


Just a proof shot.
I don't so much love standing next to her for pics.
Since I'm nearly 6 ft. tall and she's all of 5 ft. nothing.
Oh and I look especially large and in charge here.
Good thing I love her.

To wrap up the evening Jere serenaded her with
"Last Dance"
It's sort of one of Jenees signature songs.
Did I mention she's a PHENOMENAL singer.
Anyway, he sang to her and they slow danced, until another dance party broke out.

Wish I could now post the video of her MOM doing a bit of "Single Ladies."

All in all a fabulously fun, hilarious, hot and sweaty, PERFECT birthday party time for a PERFECT lady!

Happiest of Birthdays to one of the kindest, most generous,
incredibly talented, funniest, genuine, WONDERFUL people
in the entire world!!!

Love you friend.

Carhops and Coneys,


NOTE:  This is one of 3 posts today.  Sorry, had to be done.


alison said...

yeah.....ya gotsta drop 3 posts because you've been mia for teh last few days. do that again and i WILL call in the cia, fbi, and possibly even show up myself just to make sure you're okay. had i not been receiving regular emails from you still, it woulda happened this time!

second of all.....that is some serious drive-in fun!! shoulda known that all your friends would totally rock too :) is jere available to come sing "proud mary" at my bday party in 2 weeks??? heck...let's make it a two-fer and you sing too!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun idea!

I currently have a bg of Sonic pebble ice, in my freezer.

In fact, I get at least one Route 44 Diet Cokes, on my way to work, everyday.

Mel said...

How fun! Sonic does have great ice. Looks like a great time.

lexlocilori said...

I just learned that you can buy bags of that ice. Too bad I live 70 miles from the nearest Sonic.

WhisperingWriter said...

I LOVE Sonic. I always get the diet coke with cherry. And I love their ice. I should buy some.

That dude dressed up as a hot dog cracked me up.

EG said...

So jealous that I missed this one...and that there aren't any Sonics near us in Cali. Wah wah. I love JWP and Sonic so much!

Two comments in two days, who am I, Allyson?

Jen West said...

And I just had to get there at the END!!! Dang! I did get to meet YOU, though, in real life! Lucky ME!

erin said...

pretty sure that chad and i ate at sonic almost every day in high school! so sad they dont have one in queen creek closer than 15 min away! haha

Greg and Tammy said...

So wish we could have been there! Thanks for posting the pics though... I was wondering how everything was going down.

✩Molly✩ said...

Had to admit I was skeptical that a party at Sonic could be cool, but you have proved it. Way to document it with photos. Jennie is so cool, I have enjoyed adoring her from afar throughout my life :) Oh and of course singing along to her CD's.

She sang at Joe's mission farewell too, funny how everyone knows everyone who grows up in the Mesa area.

deveney said...

I also have bags of Sonic ice in my freezer! Love it!

dawn said...

Stopping by from SITS...

And now I want some Sonic. But we don't have any here. We have to be tortured daily with commercials for shakes and cream ices and slushes and blasts that we can't even run out to the store and get...
Thanks for adding to my personal torture for today. I have now met my quota and it's not even 6am yet!