Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wrappin it up...

As you may or may not have noticed, I was a little sparse in the posting here this week.  That would be because I was on the crazy train and couldn't get off.  PLUS, I think I needed a wee break, to feel like I had something to say again.   I got so consumed in trying to find old posts for the SITS thing that I spent redonkulous amounts of time reading my archives.  So, by Wed. I was DONE.  I needed a blog break.

So, I'm just gonna give a brief (snort) little rundown of what happened in this week.  Mmm k.

1.  I subbed at the college for 2 classes and 5 voice lessons.  PURE delight I tell you, PURE delight!  I love teaching college kids, not only because they for the most part just "get it."  But mostly because an accompanist is provided and therefore I am not stuck behind the piano.  It's rather helpful.  The class I subbed for is my all time favorite class I ever took.  It's a Broadway performance class, and well, it's just so FUN!   Good news, I get to sub it again on Monday.

2.  I made more money subbing in those 3 days than I would for a months worth of lessons for 5 kids.  Trust me, BADLY needed.

3. Said goodbye to a friend that left for 18 months to serve a mission.  Love our Bailee and so excited for her to have this time to get out and serve.

4. One of my best friends celebrated her 40th b-day in awesome semi-ghetto style.   But wait, I will write this one as it's own post.

                 **SIDENOTE** We had THREE count 'em THREE birthday party invites for Friday night.  When does THAT happen?

5. Same friend spent part of last week being filmed for the Nate Berkus show, and is now IN NEW YORK with her 3 sisters, 5 sister in laws (yes large family) and Mom to appear on the actual show.  People, I don't mess around, my peeps are just cool peeps.  I'll let you know when the show airs, so you can watch her and her awesome family.  She IS just the coolest, and I love her so.  On the downside, there will be no 3rd Sunday dinner at their house this week, which totally blows.  What?  We LOVE our 3rd sunday dinners at the Wrights.  Whatever.

6. This has nothing to do with what was happening in my week. BUT, since I'm talking about cool peeps.  Would you even believe it if I told you that one of my friends from highschool is totally the guy who created those Old Spice commercials that we all love so much right now.  You know, the guy, riding a horse, "I'm riding a horse, backwards."  Anyway, I thought that was super cool.

7. Back to me...This week Maggie called Jere a poo head.  Yep, we've reached that ever awesome poo poo and pee stage, where saying those words is just hysterical to the kids.  EVERYTHING has poo references.  But on this particular day...jere had put her to bed.  She'd come out 409 times (his exageration, not mine) and on the four hundred and TENTH time, he yelled at her and told her to get back on the bed OR ELSE.  Her response was "FINE Daddy, you're a poo head."  Which apparently sent he and Julie into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.  However, later in the week when she busted that little phrase out on me, I busted back and warned her that that was unacceptable to ever talk to her Mama like that and there would be consequences.  She got the message.

8. I unburiend my laundry room, which was no small feat I tell you.  And I'm feeling good about that accomplishment.

9. I also got a bathroom scrubbed, kitchen swept and mopped, dusting, MUCH vacuuming, laundry and picking up done, in between preschool drop offs and pick ups, institute class, rehearsals and trips back and forth to MCC.  I even went grocery shopping at night...never my fave.

10. Maggie wet her bed....always irritating.  When you ask her why, she just shrugs her shoulders and says "I needed to go pee pee."  Thankfully it doesn't happen every night, just like once every other week.

11.  Saw the movie "Date Night" last night...I thought it was funny.  Got a good laugh out of that.

12.  Oliver rehearsals are heating up.  I got a lot accomplished, but I've got so much more to do still.  It's only gonna get busier and crazier. And in the interest of full disclosure...I'm getting nervous.

13.  The kiddos spent a good part of the morning raiding the silverware drawer (after playing drums on my face and head with the wooden spoons) and dropping all of said silverware down the back of Maggies bed.  What was I doing you ask?  Trying to ignore their antics and sleep on the couch, 'cause I WAS TIRED!  WHY do they need to wake me up at o' dark thirty?  Good thing her bed is a day bed and is open at the bottom so all silverware was retrievable.

Alrighty then...guess I will zip it up for now.  Time to start thinking about getting ready for church.  Put Max down for a nap, so he'll be liveable through church, now to pack the diaper bag, shower, get Maggie ready, etc.  You know how it goes.

Busy bees and spoon drops,


P.S. Just as a public service announcement of enlightenment.  ICarly is actually a pretty enjoyable show.  I only know because MAGGIE (not me) is obsessed with it and we're on a marathon this morning.  It has pretty clever writing and the girl who plays Sam cracks me up.  Hey, just letting you know.


alison said... DID need a break! i'll forgive you this time....but next time you'll need a written permission from moi prior to dropping out of the blogosphere. i'm just sayin'.

and chandler must be ahead of the game because he's already started in on the poo and pee talk. and the word "toot" absolutely floors him with laughter. i must be a boy thing.

Simoney said...

Hey Allyson!! Here I am at last... having a giggle at your antics and the poo head.
Really want to see Date Night.
And I am so impressed by your friends' OTT 40th!! Wowee, you guys really know how to celebrate in AZ, dontcha??

Crandell Fam said...

Yep, I'm a personal fan of iCarly as well. Very clever show with good acting and writing. It's one of the FEW I can stand! I also love Spencer, cuz he's funny. :)