Monday, December 13, 2010

"The" Card

My brother has the coolest bunch of friends on earth.  FUNNY?!  Oh yeah, like cry your eyes out, pee your pants funny.  One of his bestest in the world is Cory, and Cory married Summer, and they begat 4 ridiculously cute children.  Cory keeps the fb world laughing, and the operating rooms of AZ giggling I'm sure.  Summer is a brilliant photographer and digital scrapbook creator and decorator and Mom.  Together, I think they can rule the world. 

At one point in time they lived with Porter, Lana and me in our parents house while the parentals were off living in Honduras.  I won't lie, it was sort of like a big party all the time (minus their daughters high pitched screaming, which was no fun for anyone).  Many nights playing silly games, laughing our heads off at stories, antics, whatever.  They were saving for their first house.  We were just enjoying the good times.

Then they moved out, and our house became a land of sorrows and woes.  Ok no, i'm kidding, it didn't do that.  But, we did miss them.  They lived in their new house not that long before they up and moved to the land of hideous desolation, also known as Tucson.  We certainly don't get to see them as much anymore.  BUT good news, Summer writes blog posts with 400 pictures per that make me happy.  And as I said, Cory is a FB whore that updates at least 1000 times a day and always makes me laugh.

With that said.....

Be it known that I have given you fair warning that what you are about to see is THE cutest, most brilliantly done Christmas Card ever known to man.  No really, I'm NOT exaggerating (who me?).  BEST EVER!

So you've been warned.  Look at your own risk.  Because once you've seen it, you may just want to curl up in a corner and cry over your own cards mediocrity.  You'll question your ability to ever send out a card again.  Because really, why? 

After I opened my mail last week and saw this...I immediately giggled, I smiled, my heart burst into a million happy pieces.  I marveled at my friends RIDICULOUS card making abilities (cause you must know, she did this all herself).  I giggled some more, thanked my lucky stars to be friends with such wonderful people,  and then turned a teeny bit green with envy that I would NEVER have such a genius card to send out.

IF I ever get around to sending a card this year, be it known it will be of the Costco variety in ALL its glory (which for the record is totally a -ok, and I'm super happy to get all of those as well)


You just CAN'T compete with that!
Not that you should, or I would, because that's not what it's about.  I'm merely saying...when perfection has been had, then what is left for the rest of us earthlings.

Did I warn you or what?
What do you think?
Are you dying?
I mean, did you SEE the angel baby over their heads? C'MON!
I love these people!

Card envy (in totally the happiest of ways) and Christmas cheer,


P.S.  Bet you thought you were gonna see MY card, with that title huh? Sorry Suckers!  You got the wrong slacker here.

P.P.S. Summer, if you see this, I'm sorry I totally just shared your card with the internet world without your permission.  Please forgive me.  And when I have people seeking your greatness for their cards, I will forward them to you.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, my card sucks in comparison.

alison said...

just let it be known that i'm totally stealing that card idea one day when my kids are old enough to somewhat follow directions! i'm an unabashed idea thief and i likes it that way :)

p.s.....that being said, i mailed out your card today. prepare thyself for joy. i admit it's not as creative as the above mentioned, but it's better than "merry Christmas" written on a sticky note with chewed up crayon! (which was option number 2 for me!)

The Bipolar Diva said...

THAT is adorable!

Andrea said...

Ok so I expect to see my card posted on your blog for all the world to see. If it isn't I know you don't appreciate my cards or my effort. I mean do you know how hard it is to get 7 kids looking good and matching all at the same time? And then to top it off you have to get them to look at the camera all at the same time! And then you have to make sure none of them are picking their noses, and then you have to make sure Kymber is keeping her legs together and she is not flashing the world with her hot pink undies. Sheesh!! I feel like I just relived our picture taking experience.

I hope you know I am just giving you a hard time. This is an adorable card! I am dying to know how they got that baby angle there? I bet their picture taking experience was a whole lot more fun than ours! Thanks for sharing!

Denise said...

Uh, at least smile when you get my card. Just kidding, it is really in no competition with that, but my sis did mine this year and I am pretty happy about it even though I wish I wasn't only 6 weeks post pardom in the photos.

The Driggs said...

Allyson, you just totally and utterly made my day! I have been COMPLETELY out of the blogging scene since...well...since I got a busy church calling way back in October. But, Caitlynn has complained enough and talked me into doing a massive post sometime soon. The reason I say that is I haven't even been reading people's blogs. My sister Shanon called me and said that I needed to come and read your blog. You are seriously so sweet! I told Jere when he was down for the Sun Devil Extravaganza that your blog is one of my faves to read (when I get the time to) because I LOVE how you crack me up! I also told Jere that every time I proudly feel like I am typing super fast, I think of you and how I can NEVER come close to your words per minute score! We will have to do a game night sometime. We sure do miss you!!!!