Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There are no rules....

This morning Max decided that he was big enough to choose his OWN clothes.  And CHOOSE he did.  He was pretty proud of himself, and honestly...with my newfound "let it go" attitude, I was just as "proud" of him.

Jer helped him get dressed, and he informed Max that per our friend Bailee, in fashion..."there are no rules."  He then told Little Man Max that "If he could rock it, he could wear it." After a few coachings, Max was ready to ROCK it and let the world know.

Meanwhile....Max has been losing his voice, it's a little raspy, which is super cute.  But, on top of that, he sounds like his head is full of 12 tons of snot and he's talking around a golf ball.  He sounds a little something like Chuckie on Rugrats.  So, add it all together and it's totally killing me with adorability.

I decided that everyone should experience this.  So, I pulled out the camera and this is what I got.  While cute, you do NOT get the full effect of his "awesome" speech these days.

WATCH THEM, they're only 20 seconds long!

My sincere apologies for the sideways view...I have no idea how to flip it.

But, just because I CARE about you all, I redid it right ways.  However, the second video wasn't quite the same, though it DOES show you what a spaz he can be.

And finally...just to prove that I am practicing what I preach...a completely awesome, ghettorific, my kids are orphans picture taken TODAY, IN PUBLIC as we were out at Tempe Marketplace.

It's hard, but somebodies got to do it, right?

I'll have you know that Maggie completely REFUSED to go do her singing performance yesterday afternoon because I ATTEMPTED to do her hair.  All was well, we were cautiously moving towards her going to the performance when I had the audacity to pull out the brush.  You guys...she went into a fit of hysterics of EPIC proportions.  Screaming and crying and yelling "I HATE SINGING" I HATE GOING THERE, I NEVER WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN." "I'm NOT GOING TO SING, I HATE IT."  It went on FOREVER.  Even LONG after I said, ok, you don't have to go.  I'm not gonna make you go, I promise.  She could not come down off that ledge (interestingly enough, about 10 minutes AFTER said performance would have been over, she looked up and sweetly said, I want to go to my show now. WHATEVER!).  Fastforward to this morning....she's all ready for preschool, happy, all is well.  Getting her shoes on and I STUPIDLY said we need to just brush through your hair. You know, cause bedhead is great and all, but I have my limits.  Oh for the love of all that is ratty and snarled she lost her everlovin mind.  Suddenly, she HATED SCHOOL, HATED GOING, WASN'T GOING, HATED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.  It was insane.  She didn't stop screaming, tantruming and bawling for almost 30 minutes.  I thought i was gonna have to dropkick drop her at preschool a sniveling, snarling white hot ball of toddler terror.  But luckily, in my effort to be zen and ignore her, I asked Max if he wanted to sing Wheels on the Bus.  As we sang, she calmed down and joined in on the last 2 verses, then insisted we sing again, and THANKFULLY I left her on Miss Ranelles doorstep a quiet and subdued child.  Seriously....it's wierd and crazy.  And ok, fine, pick your battles, I totally get it.  And I'm willing to let her go all ragamuffin, nasty headed to a lot of things. But SOMETIMES that craps got to get done.  I will NOT be letting her go to church, or to her school performance, OR to meet Santa dammit with hair all hangin in her face, looking like her mother could care less.  Is she wierd?  I mean, I know kids hate getting their hair done, well a lot do.  But, is her utter hysterics and level of "hatred" a little extreme?  WHAT do I do?

That being said, this is longer than I intended.  I'm outy.

Rock it & wear it,



The Bipolar Diva said...

Your kids are adorable! However, I did see something that kind of ticks me off. They're standing in front of a Christmas tree in SHORTS! NO FAIR!!

Kristina P. said...

Did she make it onto Santa's Naughty List?

alison said...

i, too, am jealous over the shorts bit. i mean, yeah...we got to have thanksgiving out at a park in our shorts and t-shirts. but NO MORE. 19 degrees tonight. 1 and a 9. but here's the kicker...since i live in weather-spazziod florida, it's supposed to be REALLY nice this weekend. because i'd SURE hate for my core body temp to get used to one particular weather system. schizo weathers crap.

anyhoodles....max is ah-dorable and i swear that he needs to come see me and just make me smile with his cuteness.

as for the hair....i instilled "the fear" in hannah since day one. she KNOWS who's the hairdini around here. seriously though...i think it's because she's curly headed. much like me when i was a little girl, you HAVE to get used to having your hair combed pretty danged early because if curly folks don't comb when they can....dreads are pretty quick to follow. and even at a tender young age...i knew i would NOT look cute with a crew cut (which apparently is the only way to get rid of dreads).

jen said...

Max isn't the only one whose voice is sounding a little husky, my friend!

LanaBanana said...

I totally think you have to choose your battles, but because of my nature, I don't necessarily think that letting them skip teeth brushing, hair brushing or showering falls in that category. (My kids try to get out of all three...) :)

I mean, hey, you let Max pick out his own clothes, and Maggie was working her little sling back pink shoes of her own choosing. It's not like you don't let them have choices.

I would just keep letting her know that there are some things that don't get skipped each day. You can remind her that she is welcome to choose certain clothes or food (if she talks nicely to you) but even those priveleges can be lost if she's not talking nicely to Mommy. But just let her know that in 'our house' we brush hair and teeth everyday to keep them healthy and strong. The tantrums may continue for awhile, but I think the more you state the rules immovably, the quicker she will realize that it's a set deal. And you can remind her of all the other choices she gets to make...

Of course, not all things work like magic on all kids.... just my thoughts. I try and picture what Mrs. Ranelle would do. :) And I'm pretty sure she has set things that the kids all do or don't do and they know that they have to fall in line or they'll miss out on the good stuff. Maggie's smart, she'll catch on quick at home too. :)