Friday, December 24, 2010

STOP Gingerbread Man....

So much going on, so much to report and talk about, not the least of which is....Maggie.  New lyrics, performing, singing, sassing, etc.

As you know she is in the WORLDS GREATEST pre-school and they just put on their Christmas Program.  It was Gingerbreadcentric, and ever so cute.  Maggie even had a line to perform.  She was a cat and she got to say...."He found the purrrrr-fect place to hide."  Brooklyn and her friend Isobelle sang a cute little duet which was perfect.

Truth be told, I was NOT sure she would come through for Miss Ranelle and actually say her line.  Tuesday before the program was an epicly bad morning that culminated with Maggie screaming at the top of her lungs all the way to school that she "hated school, hated Miss Ranelle, never EVER wanted to go to school again, etc."  Of course she ended up having a perfectly fine day AT school, and then shocker....wanted to say her part.

Anyway, day of the performance dawned rainy and cold.  I hate rain when I have to go out in it.  It's even worse when you have to park a block away, lug two kids and other stuff AND get rained on.  BOO HOO on me, I know you're feeling my pain.

Quarters are rather tight in the little preschool, so we were crammed in there like sardines, which frankly isn't all that pleasant, but what ya gonna do.  Ranelle is so organized and each kid sat or stood on their name which was printed on stickers and placed on the risers, and they waited for the big performance to begin.

Three Cousins
Jayce, Brooklyn and Maggie

The cute kiddos standing around waiting for everyone to get there so they could start.

Jere and Max waiting for the show to start.
For the record that was the only time Max sat like that.
Once the show started he was all over the place.
In fact, we spent MOST of the time outside playing on the rainsoaked toys.

My one and only shot of Maggie mid-show.
Let's be honest, I was nearly in the back and could NOT see Maggie for crap over all the heads and such. 
Then there was the issue of dealing with Max outside.
And worrying about Jere being pissed because he needed to be back at work.
Good thing my sis was on the front row videoing the whole thing.

Group shot at the end.
It is amazing the feeling you have when it's YOUR kid up there.
When she said her little line, my heart nearly burst I was SO proud of her.
And I got giggly just seeing her singing the words to the songs.
I didn't expect to be that kind of Mom, but emotional I was.

Enjoying the delicous treats at the after party.

All in all it was a grand success.  The Gingerbread Man was stopped, treats were eaten and good times were had by all.

One day last week Maggie had been singing ALLLLL day about being on the naughty list, getting rocks, etc.  Finally at one point we were in the car driving to my parents house.  Brooklyn wanted to join the song, so she and Maggie were doing this whole back and forth duet.  Maggie would sing a line, then Brooklyn would sing.  It was really quite cute, if not monotonous.  All of it sounded much the same until this GEM came out of Maggies mouth.

"Naughty list....
You get no presents when you're on the naughty list
No presentsssssss
And my mommy and Daddy will not even celebrate baby Jesus' birth if you don't get presents, 'cause you're on the naughty LIST."

To which Brooklyn responded....

"You get rocks when you're on the naughty list...
that is why we should listen to the spirit and it will tell us how to be on the nice list."

I'm telling you, pure genius going on there.
When we got to my Moms I asked them to perform for Grandma.  They each had a booklet of some sort in their hands which had nothing to do with music, but they acted like it was their music and they stood and sang this "song" for 5 minutes straight.  It was a never ending, darling loop of rocks, no presents and naughty lists.

Tonight Maggie went caroling with the Shumway family while we went to another party.  My Mom said that she ran to the FRONT of everyone at every house and sang at the top of her lungs with the crowd.  That piece of info made my heart pitter pat.

Gingerbread and singing,



jen said...

Part of me laughed at this post and part of me thought, "Now she's finally a mom." NOW you see why I drive to endless lessons, shows, games, recitals and rehearsals.
Isn't it a great feeling?

I hope you have a great holiday, where you get to celebrate baby Jesus' birth with good kids. I've missed you guys the last few weeks.

Hope Julie gave you our little gift.

Merry Christmas, Friend.

Greg and Tammy said...

SEE!!!!! Maggie is a performer just waiting to be released!!! It starts with caroling and before you know it, she'll be heading to BROADWAY!! Merry Christmas to you and your darling family!!