Saturday, December 11, 2010

You Can't BUY this kind of Sass....

You guys..............
She WILL be the death of me.  The daily, bloddy battles to even comb her hair, much less put a torture device such as a rubber band, or HEAVEN FORBID a BOW in her hair.  The FIGHTS over putting clothes on, much LESS matching clothes, or weather appropriate clothing.  And do not even get me STARTED on the shoes.  OH the shoes.  Then, how DARE I offer food, sustenance.  IF she wants it, she will let me know when she's darn good and ready.  And lately, she HATES everything.  I mean everything and everyone.  Her regular daily vocabulary is  "I HATE that."  I HATE shoes, I HATE breakfast, I HATE Max, I HATE you.  Whatever.  I've tried taking things from her, I've tried taking money from her piggy bank for every time she says hate, I've tried ignoring it, or calmly talking to her, loving her through it, and even guilting her.  But, BOTHER....nothing is working.  She could care less.  She continues to just HATE!

However, sometimes, the shoe battles provide me with giggle fits.  Like the other day when she came out of her room, ready for school in this.

You guys, you can NOT even teach this kind of "style".  You can't BUY it.
And Jenee, just a note....that "barbie" toy has not left her hand since we left your house the other night.
Well ok, except for when I had to take it from her for snotty behaviour.

What is not to love about those squatty legs in boots, and that chunky bum running from me.

I won't lie...these boots just make me happy. They crack me up, and I think they're cute. I didn't even ATTEMPT to change her shoes.  Even if she did look like a hot mess, it was adorable to me. The shorts, the boots.
And man oh man is her smile fabulous here.  Don't be decieved, she's totally a wolf in sheeps clothing here, but it's easy to get pulled in.

Moving on:
Julie is a massage therapist, and occasionally she needs to "practice" on us. (that sucks, hahahaha)
So the other night she pulled out her table and was practicing a specific move.  Maggie was in her "fight sleep to the death"mode and kept coming out. I couldn't really get up and beat her into submission.  So, eventually she just ended up on the couch and TOTALLY scored herself a full on facial from Sabe the Babe.  Well first, she got a scalp massage, and THEN a facial massage.
Somehow I think we'll regret pampering this three year old.  She's gonna expect spa treatments that we can't provide. hahahaha

Mostly Julie was dying over Maggies hands holding her jammies.
I think Maggies eyes rolled into the back of her head, relaxed state was cuter.

Would you believe she wasn's satisfied and wanted MORE?

I was able to eventually carry her off to bed, tie her down, lock the door and get her to sleep.  SHEESH!  My kids have become insane and think that regularly playing and screaming in their room (inbetween bouts of coming out and telling on eachother) until 11:00 at night is OK.
Newsflash:  NOT OK!
I'm ready for this little phase to pass.


Sass and frass,


Allyson & Jere said...

OMG, this was I think one of the freaking cutiest things EVER!!!! Yes I was DIEING with her holding up her jammies, but also they fact that she was DONE!!! You know once someone's eyes start rolling back into their head...yep DONE!!! I FREAKING LOVE this little Angel. I couldn't ask for anyting more. I'm so blessed to be part of her everyday life, and catch moments like this one. Thank you my little Maggie Lou Hoo! I SO love you.

Cheeseboy said...

Those boots are flat out amazing. Combine those with some new jeggings and you really have something.

Allyson & Jere said...
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Allyson & Jere said...

OOPS!!! Sorry Allyson, I forgot I can't comment on your blog on my computer because it comes up as you. So.. The first post was from Auntie Julie =)

Mel said...

What is it with kids and boots? Love the picture of her by the tree. I think Miss Iris is going to put me through much of the same stuff you're dealing with. Sigh.

DianD said...

Ass "Love and Logic" teaches, when she says "I hate..." You calmly reply AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES, "I'm sorry you feel that way. I'll be able to talk to you again when you feel _____ (fill in the blank) happier, kinder, more loving, etc. Then DON'T say another thing. But EVERY TIME she says that phrase, yours is the exact same response. It's amazing, but it really does work. No reaction. No fun! Besides, the ball is in their court because they have to choose a different behavior. Too bad I didn't know about love and logic when I was raising my kids! Oh well! At least maybe someone can benefit.

And the boots! LOVE THEM!

Dixiechick said...

"Ass 'Love and Logic teaches"...hahahaha. Okay, I KNOW what mom meant, but it's just too funny what got typed. :) Now that I'm done being 12, let me just say you should take back all your judgements of me letting my kids appear in public like rag doll orphan children. It was simply a battle I chose not to fight. Not worth it at you can now see. Hair, clothes, boots...we've been through it all. I am happy to say that we are pretty much all the way through it, even with Morgan who told me the other day "You always do my hair the cutest." Just stop caring about it and pretty soon so will she. She's testing boundaries with you, a lot! So just make sure you know what the boundaries are and before long it will be clear to her what the boundaries are too.

Greg and Tammy said...

Oh dear. I thought maybe Emma would get better once she turned three, but I'm starting to realize that the WORST is yet before me. When you figure out how to parent the sass out of a 3-year-old, could you send me your notes? Thanks.

Steph said...

I haven't read your blog in forever--life has been too crazy! Cutest video of Max. And I feel your pain on the sleep issue. Brielle thinks she doesn't have to go to sleep now that she's out of the crib too, and she wakes up for the day at like half the time! And Summer's Christmas card. . . wow.