Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I will try to keep this simple and short.

Suffice it to say....we were blessed, are blessed, blessedly amazed at all our blessings!

We spent Christmas Eve at Gramma Peggy's house with a ridiculous smorgasboard of food for only 4 adults and 2 wee kids.  And an even more "ridiculous" array of presents.  Peggy loves to spoil these kiddos and she's really good at it. 

Hungry anyone?  We ate til we were sick, and there was still enough for an army.

Max and Maggie modeling their new Christmas jammies.
Which I bought last year on clearance and have been sitting in their drawer for a YEAR!

It just wasn't going to be complete until we had a fire going.

Looks like Jere copped himself a Christmas Feel.
He's so inappropriate.
He's gonna give my kids eye cancer. hahahha

Max opening one of FOUR trucks from Gramma Peg
We'll make a man out of him yet.

Maggie and her dolly.  Which she of course promptly ripped the hair ties out of and insisted on undressing.

Now these are apparently tights she can get behind.
Super adoralbe Princess tights.

Just trying to show what a haul they made at Grammas.
Really, we needn't have bothered with Santa.

Proof that Gramma and julie were indeed there.

So, after our sheer gluttony at Grammas, we came home and got the kids settled in bed so we could get to work on the big stuff.  THANK goodness for our friend Chris, who is the man know how behind Maggies bike and the trampoline and the kitchen.  He pretty much knows how to do and fix everything.  We'd be lost without him. But also, thank goodness for Sabe the babe and Julie and jere for all their effort on the trampoline as well, so I could stay inside and clean the house, put together their stockings and set up the presents.

Let the trampoline begin....

Apparently it's a little difficult to stretch those springs into place.

Ta-Da, we are complete.

Pretty good for a couple of "naughty" kids.

I love this cheesy little kitchen sooo much!
It fits absolutely perfectly into the one tiny sq. in. of space left in her bedroom.
And she's already made us numerous delicious dinners.

All we set, and by 3 a.m. i was in bed, whilst Jere and his elves foolishly hit up Denny's for some nasty 3 a.m. breakfast.

At 7:30ish Max stirred.  So, Jere went in, got him and woke Maggie up.  This did NOT make for the most triumphant and excited entry for her.  In fact, if you watched the video, she seems a bit, blah about everything.  The bike did ellicit a wee smile from her.  Max was allllll over his bike, and her bike too.

Maggie was pleased and didn't seem to notice that it was NOT a Princess bike.

**ADENDUM**  Late this afternoon while I was sweeping the backyard and the kids were playing on the trampoline Maggie said "Mommy, I wanted a Princess bike, why did Santa bring me a Mickey Mouse bike?"  I said, "Well, maybe he ran out of Princess bikes."  There was then some muttering under her breath and then she wailed out. "Mommy WHY did Santa give all the OTHER girls princess bikes?  I'm NEVER gonna have a Princess bike.  I HATE my Mickey Mouse bike."  And then proceeded to hang her head and mope and "cry" for several minutes.  I suggested that we could just send her bike back and then she wouldn't have one at all.  She didn't care for that idea either.  Man, way to make your Mom feel like total CRAP kid, THANKS!**

Max LOVED his bike and by the end of the day was a total pro.

She got right to work on cooking.

Her own computer.  Now maybe she'll leave ours alone.

Seriously.  He was MOST happy with his freaking dollar bag of balloons.
Oh the money I coulda saved.

Max was so cute when he saw the trampoline.
"OH a BIG trampowine for me."
Now, if only he'd just stay out there and play without INSISTING that I be his audience.
Missing the point kid, MISSING.THE.POINT.

Yep, they were "spoiled" and blessed.
Many thanks for all the Grandparents for making this possible!!

The rest of the day was spent at my sister Danas house where there was again, more food than any huge family could ever consume.  Games to be played, videos to be watched and bikes to be ridden.  It was a wonderful day, 'cause I lurve my family and spending time with them so much!

I lamely got only 4 pics.

Yeah, it IS Dec. 25th, and she IS barefoot in short sleeves.  It was balmy that day.

The kids rode and rode and rode and played to their hearts content.  It was so fun to see them finally know how to pedal and ride their bikes.  They had such a good time, and that made my heart so happy.

All in was a Christmas of perfection! 

Hope yours was just as great!

Santas out,



Kristina P. said...

I think I need some Christmas jammies. And I LOVED Cabbage Patch dolls when I was a kid. I even had a little black baby Cabbage Patch doll. I paved the way for Sandra Bullock.

Greg and Tammy said...

Looks like a great Christmas for you guys!! Emma got a kitchen as well!

Mel said...

Super cute pictures. So glad you guys had a Merry Christmas. We're gonna have to come over and jump on that trampoline. I showed Olivia the video on fb and she grabbed her shoes and said "I need to go visit my friend Maggie!" hahaha