Sunday, December 5, 2010

Star Searchin 85201 style

In the Mormon church there are a lot of traditions.  Things that have been around since like the dawn of time.  The 24th of July will ALWAYS be celebrated as Pioneer Day.  You can always count on the first Sunday of every month being testimony meeting, every fall at some point the Primary children will put on a program of music and spoken parts, ward parties will almost ALWAYS have ham and funeral potatos on the menu.  There will always be jokes about green jello and carrots, families will be large, the use of terms flippin, fetchin and scriddly dee will bring giggles...and EVERY Christmas there will be the "famous" ward party.  There will be food of varying caliber, decorations of some sort and generally a program that is cringeworthy. I mean, lets just be honest here...MOST Christmas parties are rather lame.  It hardly seems worth the effort to go, so you can hear bad singing, or no singing but bad food, just to hang with people that you see every Sunday anyway.  Sad, but true. 

But here in the 85201, more specifically in my magical ward there is one amazing woman whose brain is far superior to all others.  She just GETS it.  She creates a real program, something that is both fun, entertaining AND spiritual at the same time.  You KNOW that it will be beautifully decorated, that you will laugh and that ultimatley you will leave remembering the true meaning of this season, you will be reminded to focus on Christ.

This year was no exception...

The theme was Star Search with a retro vibe.  The attire was "christmas sweater" and the food was old school (but YUMMMMMY).  She put together five "acts" that were so silly and perfect.

First, you walked the "red carpet" into the auditorium.

Welcome to Star search wonderland

I love the people of this ward....they're just cool!
Ladies workin behind the scenes to get the dinner ready.

Adam and Sarah, we love them.
His sweater was first of all, a womans, and secondly so classically awesome and awful!!

Russ and Todd
Brothers in equally fabulous Christmas hideousness
Russ' actually lit up.

Meet Jennnn, the genius behind it all
and the only woman I know brave enough to wear
a bearded hot mess of Santa on her sweater dress.
His beard lit up too.

Act I
Joe and the Loose Screws
The lead singer sang Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
the "band" played tools.  Sorry, it was hysterical!

Act II
The Wiseguys
This is our Bishopbric (the ecclisiastical leaders of our ward)
They did a vaudeville comedy routine.  Jere wrote it, it was funny, IF you know Mormon vernacular.

Mary Christmas
This is her and the Host Chachi (no words here)
She sang and tap danced and was over the top cheesy.
And sheer perfection.

Act IV
The Candy Canes
Jere is missing from this pic
They were a Barbershop Quartet

Here is a shot of them in action, with their wierd leprechauny hats

Act V
Oh yes, there WAS a kickline, don't worry.
Here we are in all our "scandelous" glory.
I just love more than anything that there are people WILLING to do this stuff.
We had so much fun.

Somewhere there is video of this.  I will TRY to procure it so you can enjoy the "amazing" that is ME ever trying to dance.  People, a dancer I am NOT!
But, our dance did sort of ROCK!

The illustrious judges
Mrs. Clause, Elf on a shelf and the Snow Queen

Each act was "judged" and commented on.

Oops!  This picture got out of order.
I don't know what is happening with my face, other than it looks like some kind of Christmas mugshot.
I just love our little costumes, they're so adorable, and fun.

Anyway.....when all the acts were through, Chachi gathered the "results".  The curtains were closed.  He then announced that the winner was.....

The curtains opened and we were all there as a living nativity.
Everyone correlated to their part.
Joe was Joseph
The Wise guys were the Wisemen
The candy canes were The Shephards
Mary was...well, Mary
And the Rockettes became the Angels.

It was so cool to hear the collective gasp of surprise when the audience saw us and realized what was happening.
We sang "Star of Bethlehem"
It was beautiful and I won't lie, I may have cried a little bit.

The search for the "Star" was complete
HE is the true reason for this Season.

I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of such a fun and meaningful night.  I'm even more grateful for amazing people, FUN people in our lives that love us and laugh with us.

Hope your "star search" is meaningful this Holiday Season.


Darci Shumway Cole said...

That is amazing! I totally feel the same about Christmas parties, but I will agree that yours looks like it was hilarious, fun, and spiritual all at the same time! I only pray I can find that kind of creativity if I ever get into a calling like that :-)

Kristina P. said...

Can I please join your ward?

jen said...

Did not see that coming. And I wish I could have been there. We have (cough) George Dyar coming to our party. Cough.

The Atomic Mom said...

If I ever move back to Mesa, I'm moving into your ward. Sadly we will have the cheesey ward party. Thankfully, they've seperated the ward "talent" show from this event.

alison said...

that looks flippin (hehehe) AH-MAZING!! even though i'm baptist and am not familiar with mormon vernacular, i would have LOVED to have seen the show :) i would have just laughed along with everyone else and then had you translate later so i could get the joke! and your rockette costumes were super cute (which you already knew).

Melissa said...

you need to post details about the event before it happens so that others in the 85201 get a shot at attending. I heard last years was great also! So please, for the love of your stalkers/followers, let us know details ahead of time and we can be there to partake of the Rockettes kickline in person. I agree- That Jenn is pretty amazing!

Kuefer's Most Memorable Moments said...

ok I have to ask- I will bring you a pie or something amazing!! what are the chances you can contact your friend and have her share the comedy routine for the 3 wise guys, etc and any further tips because I hope to have an actual "great ward Christmas party" and this looks like the best thing I have seen. I am the YW President and we are in charge of it for this year 2013. I think this is awesome. So let me know what your favorite pie is (or whatever you like)!! lol and I will hand deliver for exchange for program help to the best you can share with me. Thanks a million and I have enjoyed your blog. Trudi North Phoenix area

Laurel said...

I, unfortunately, cannot offer a delicious local pie like Kuefer's Most Memorable Moments (unless I could bribe some cousins or my grandma in Mesa), but am very interested in your vaudeville act! As a fairly new RS Presidency, we were JUST (as in, yesterday) informed that we are in charge of this year's party. Please let me know if that would be possible. Thanks!

Brenda said...

I know you posted this 4 years ago, but I am really hoping you would be willing to share your vaudeville script. btw @ mesanetworks. net

katy little said...

I too am too far away to bring you a pie but would love to get a copy of your script as well... Just found out we just found out we are hosting the ward party less than a month away!!!

barbara said...

This is such a fun idea! Is there any way I could get a copy of the vaudeville script? Thanks!

Nikkala said...

I'm also interested in a copy of the vaudevill script if possible. Thank you for sharing this awesome idea!!
nikkala @

aNdRaDe said...

Hi! I would LOVE a copy of your script as well!! What a great and creative idea!! Thank you for sharing! Esther

Holly Baker said...

That sounds like an amazing event! I love how it ended!

Unknown said...

Just found out that I am in charge of our ward christmas party this year, and I'd love to get a copy of the script for the wise guys skit. Thanks!

Lindsey said...

I would love a copy of the script too, if possible! This is such an amazing idea - love the surprise spiritual ending.

Kerri said...

My hubby and I are in charge of our party and would also like the script if possible.

KayLyn said...

Saw this last year and am planning on doing it for our party, any chance on getting a copy of the script? I've been so excited to do this in our ward!

Nita Tuitupou said...

This is wonderful! I'm in charge of our Ward Party this year. Are you able to email a script - it would be a life saver! Thanks!

Nau Ohana said...

Just found this awesome post. Looks like a lot of fun with a sweet spiritual twist at the end. Would love to get a copy if I can. Just found out we are in charge of our ward Christmas program this year. Mahalo!

Goodricks said...

I agree this looks like it was a great production...I can't believe it was 5 years ago and it still seems like the coolest thing out on the web. Just found out tonight that I am in charge of the party this year and I too would love to get a copy of the script.

shannon miller said...

I like so many others would love the vaudeville script and any other details you are able willing to share

Brie Stott said...

Hi, I too, would love the script if possible! Such a fun activity!

Brie Stott said... thanks

Brie Stott said...

Thanks you

Carla Child said...

Any help our way in beautiful Colorado? we'd love a copy of the script...! Thanks ahead of time!

Kate Carter said...

I love your vision of what a ward party can be! Are you still sharing the vaudeville script? We'd love to do this activity.

Thank you, thank you!!!!

Hayley said...

I don't know if you've actually shared the Vaudeville routine with any of the previous commenters but I'd love it if you ARE sharing it!

Lisa Stewart said...

Hi, if you're still sharing any parts from your party, like the wise guys act, I would love a copy.


katy little said...

Any chance I could get a copy of the wise guy/wise men script too?

shelley hodge said...

Oh, this program looks darling! I just got called to plan our ward Christmas party and have less than a month to plan it. I have been praying about how to make it fun for the entire family but not loose sight of the meaning of Christmas. I love that this program brings the ward family together through laughter and ends on a spiritual note. I would also be so grateful for a copy of the wise guy script and any narration script or suggestions you may have. Thanks for being so generous to share this wonderful program with the rest of us!

Charlotte Shores said...

I would love love love any written details you have so that I can do something similar for our ward this year! I think this has to be the best Christmas Program I've seen yet! Thanks in advance!

Diane Berrett said...

I have to agree, this is cute and fun and original. I love it. I also just got the calling to be over the ward party and am feeling a little bit of panic. Would love to have your program notes and any written parts, thanks for sharing!


Diane Berrett said...

abby o said...

Oh boy, can I just join the throngs in asking for any help you can offer in making this happen in our ward? I would love a copy of your script and any other logistical information you may happen to have! This looks like SO MUCH FUN!

abbyolson [at]

Kimberly Cunningham said...

I would love a copy of your script as well. Anything you are willing to share :) I don't have a creative bone in my body!!! That's what Pinterest is for ;) Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

kimcunningham00 (at)

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

me too me too! christmas Parties everywhere will thank you! THANKS!

Newnan YW said...

Would love your script for the Vaudeville skit. Our YW are in charge of our ward party in a couple of weeks.

Kristen said...

I don't know if you are still checking comments from this post, but I'm in charge of our Ward Christmas Party this year and would LOVE any details, scripts, etc. that you have and would be willing to share. Love this idea! Thanks!

Melinda Palmer said...

Would love the script if you are still sharing!

Angel Navy Perry said...

This is WONDERFUL!!!! We too need a change for our Christmas dinner. Do you have a video of all of the acts and can I please have a copy of the script as well? I just love this!

Thanks, so much, for sharing!

Christina said...

Love this! Can I please have a copy of the Bishopbric skit, pretty please? Also did you post the Rockette's video somewhere?

Kori Lee said...

What a fun party! Do you still have a script to share. I am a new RS president and we loved this idea for our ward Christmas party. Thanks!

Wendy Saxton said...

We love your idea and have chosen to do it for our ward party this year. Can we ALSO get a copy of the Vaudeville Comedy Routine ? Thank you!!!

austin & stacie said...

If you aren't overwhelmed with sharing this script over the past YEARS :), would you send a copy to me as well?? Good job on an awesome party. Thank you!

KG said...

We have already decided to use your idea and are working on people for parts. So excited! I would love a copy of the script as well if you're willing to share. Thank you so much for sharing this party idea!!!

Ellen said...

I just got asked to be in charge of the Ward Christmas party. I'd love a copy of the bishopric's routine as well if it's not too much trouble. Thanks so much!

Connie said...

I would also love to have any script/notes/video that might be available. Our ward Christmas committee are all on board to do this program. Thanks!

Aleta Ruth said...

I would also love to have a copy of the script. Thanks so much for sharing.

Neisy said...

Oh my goodness...I need the script! Would love to have it if possible...seriously the best ideas here!

Diann Soelberg Kaivo said...

I sure would love your script/program. This is such a great idea.

Skip Bowman said...

I would love a copy of the script/program as well, if it's still available!! What a great idea!!

Teacher Annie said...

Has anyone been able to get a copy of the grogram/script? I sure would love one.

Karlie said...

Like so many before be, I'm wondering if you share the script for this fantastic program? If Thanks in advance!!

Moore To Tell . . . said...

Can I beg for the script too? PLEASE????

~Ali said...

Looks fun. Are you sharing written details... 5 years later? HAHAHA! looks super fun. I would love a script if it is available. Thanks.

Carrie Fediuk said...

If you could share the script that would be amazing!! Thank you so much