Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Party

A few weeks ago I opened my e-mail to find an e-vite to a Cookie Party put on by Miss O and Ice (my friend Melissas daughters).  It was such a cute little invite and we happily RSVP'd.

The big day arrived and we headed out to their house with our 2 dozen cookies in tow.

We were greeted by this vision of adorable.  Seriously, I can barely take how cute Miss O is.  She has one of the happiest little spirits of any child I know.  She just exudes this simple sweetness.  I love to watch her, because though she and Maggie are only 2 months apart, they are completely and utterly different in EVERY way.

Meet Miss O
The little Baker.
She was soooooo excited that her friends were coming to her party
and bringing HER cookies.

First the kids got to do a craft.
They got to decorate their own Christmas ornament.
That's Melissa getting the first one started.

Maggie worked VERY precisely to bejewell her ornament.
It was so cute to watch her work so carefully.
After it's bedazzlement she wanted to glitter glue it to death.
It's a pretty awesome piece of art.

Oh hey there...
Really, Max was just content to ride the trike and BE outside.
Love his sweater?
Yeah, me too.
Totally from Italy.
Something swanky and stuff.  Handed down to us from Jayce.

Cookie time.
Melissa just "whipped" out 5 dozen cookies that morning.

Maggie had a grand time decorating the cookies.
She did about six of them.
Too bad I didn't get a pic of the completely BURIED in sprinkles cookies that she did.

It was a pretty cute and fun little party to attend on a Saturday afternoon.  We're sure glad we got invited and were able to attend.  I only wish I was as nice a Mom as Melissa to put on such things.

Oh wait, I forgot the best part of this story.  Melissas mother in law came to the party and proudly brought her two plates of cookies to share.  As she set down one set of delicious looking cookie balls she said  "Oh, you better let people know these have rum and brandy in them and it's not cooked."  She brought RUM balls to a kids cookie party.  We got  a good laugh out of it.  Needless to say, we didn't sample any of those.

Sugar crystals and cookie overloads,


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Mel said...

It was such a fun day for O. Thanks again for coming. I'm not super thrilled about the unflattering picture of me, but whatevs. I suppose I should post a blog about this too. Haha