Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meeting "the man in red"....

"So today is the day", I said to myself as I was putting on my makeup, wondering how to occupy the kiddos time.  TODAY IS THE DAY.  Ima gonna load them up in the dirt covered, food littered, deserted toy strewn van and head out to meet the man himself.

Yep, today we went and saw Santa Clause.

So magical is Santa Clause that when I told Maggie a trip was imminent, and that the ONLY way we could see Santa was if her hair was done.  She sweetly, and happily replied "ok Mommy, I want one big pony in the back."  And glory be and praise to the highest hair god, I got her hair done with nary a cry. 

Got all three kids dressed, looking cute, hair done, clothes on my ever growing keister and out the door we went.

Where do you go to find Santa?  The Mall? 

Pish tosh. 

Not I, not now.  We headed straight for Bass Pro Shops people.  Yeah, so what there are dead animals flanking him and Santa wears cowboy boots and doesn't have glasses.  Details, MINOR details when we're talkin FREE pics and all the time in the world for ME to take my own, and or take three different shots.  PLUS, they have things for the kids to play with, not the least of which are giant arctic cat CARS that they think are super fun to sit in.

Really?  Sometimes I can't stand the cute that eminates from them all.  And can we please just discuss Maggies little peep toe slingbacks.  Of all the shoes she has, THESE are her choice for the day.  She cracks me up.

Brooklyn really is the BEST big sister to them, and such a great help.  Well, that is when she's not whining at epic levels or punching Maggie.  But I just thought this pic was so cute.  She looks out for them.  May I add that she is only 16 months older than Maggie, can you SEE the height difference there?  Sheesh!


Anything that simulates driving is the GREATEST gift to these kids.  In fact, most mornings the FIRST thing Max asks when he wakes up is "canigopayincar?"  Yes, it's one elongated phrase and so dang cute.  They spend copious amounts of time actually playing IN the car.  I say hey, if it makes you happy, then knock yourselves out.

This would be me trying to be clever and cutesy. 
This would be me FAILING!
I accept fully that photography, especially with my dumb point and click is NOT my forte in life.  Try as I might, I just suck. wanna see the Santa shots, right?  Right, of course you do.  So now, for your viewing pleasure, I'm gonna give you a retrospective.  Santa visits for the last 3 years.  Shut it, you KNOW you're excited.

Maggie was 5 mos. old here and I was sure the cutest baby ever.
We had just had our first official family pictures taken at Sears (I feel so ghetto even saying that out loud), then walked down to meet Santa.
I sort of felt like I'd finally arrived to "real" life.
AND, this is when the mall still let you take your OWN picture and not have to pay the absurdly high price of 17 bucks FOR.A.PICTURE!

Don't judge that my scanning job is completely askew.  I could NOT get it in straight.
Max is a whopping 2 mos. old here and NONE to happy to be sitting with Old St. Nick.  Maggie was thinking about it.  I really do LOVE that Santa.

Our first attempt at the ol' Bass Pro.
Max again was NOT having it.  Perhaps it was the creepy dead reindeer to his right? He's such a Mamas boy.  Wuss.  I do really wish they'd take the pictures vertically.  But hey...FREE.

At least the picture quality has improved since last year.
I love that Maggie looks like she could give a flying rats, and Max looks like he's a touch "special" if ya know what I mean.  BUT, the best part was, Max put his arms out to Santa to be picked up.  He didn't cry, he was happy to see him. AND, this Santa was sooo sweet.  He talked so sweetly to the kids and gave them little hugs and I really liked him.  Even if he didn't wear glasses.

I included the pic of Brooklyn because she looks so cute.
Before she went up she said to me, "I'm gonna be just a little bit shy with him."  Which is funny, since there is NOTHING shy about her.
This is my 4th year taking her to see Santa as well.

This is my own personal shot.  And I dare say, almost perfect in smiles and eye focus.  I didn't see the need to have the dead animals involved.  But i wish I could have centered it a bit better. 

We wrapped up our visit to Santaland with a stop by the fudge shop for a tastearooni and then a nice, CHEAP lunch at Peter Piper, followed by a well earned nap for the kids.

All in all, a perfect afternoon.
Ho ho HO and a Merry Christmas,



The Bipolar Diva said...

you always have so much fun!

Kristina P. said...

Ha! That is awesome. I wonder if Cabelas has a Santa. Adam would love it.

Natalie said...

Ah, too fun!! And so happy to see Santa...some other pics I've seen today showed some very unhappy kids with Santa!

Greg and Tammy said...

We've done the bass pro Santa shots for the last few years as well. You can not beat FREE. LOVE your shot of the kids. So fun!!

Sarah said...

Did you steal my van?!?! Seriously, you could have been describing my vehicle. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at how I used to keep a perfectly clean car and freak out over anything left in it...obviously WAY before I had kids. Anyway, I have to say that is a really good Santa, and free? Even better!

Sarah said...

Did you steal my van?!?! Seriously, you could have been describing my vehicle. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at how I used to keep a perfectly clean car and freak out over anything left in it...obviously WAY before I had kids. Anyway, I have to say that is a really good Santa, and free? Even better!

reasonably chubby said... sweet and you took a wonderful picture of all three!

The Atomic Mom said...

I love Bass Pro Shops and Cabella's....even all the dead stuff on the walls. Heck in New Mexico, that's standard on the wall decor.

Dixiechick said...

Thank you for confirming to me why I don't go to Bass Pro, or any other free place. It looks free. And I think that Santa is wearing fake eyebrows too. Looks creepy. Yeah, I'm gonna continue to shell out the cash for my mall Santa. His beard is real, his eyebrows are real, he magically knows the ages of my kids...I'm starting to think it really is Santa! And for that, I'll pay $17. (but I still won't like it--except when I look at all of my nicely matching "mall Santa" shots along my piano.) Okay, I'm done.

alison said...

i love me some bass pro santa. ours from last year seriously looked like the real deal. and NO LINE, NO WAITING!! top that with a bit o'free pics AND i could take pictures with my very own camera and you've got one practically giddy gal over here. we are going stah-raight to the bass pro again sometime between december 23rd and 24th. i am nothing if not a procrastinator ;)

Denise said...

I am dying. We are so white trash. I took my kids the other night but had no plans for the santa picture so I guarantee hair is ratty, Grace is wearing one of my old dresses and Thomas is not afraid to just yank on Santa's beard. My kids favorite was the snow ball fighting area. Then Savanna had to go look at air soft guns. Oh, and we go much of the time just to look at the "stuffed animals". Speaking of which, the farm has one less ram tonight....

Debbie said...

Great photos! Finding the perfect Santa place can be so difficult. Looks like you've succeeded.

Crandell Fam said...

"I'm gonna be just a little bit shy with him." Are you serious??? My daughter is freaking hysterical and CUTE! :) I love it! Thanks for being such a great mom to her and taking her to Santa. I never took any of my kids. I'm lame like that. Boo on me!