Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Interrupt this Christmas...

We interrupt this spate of schmaltzy Christmas posts for a brief stop in Maggieland.

Last week Maggie got to go on a field trip to a "farm" with her preschool class.  Because if you'll recall...I totally missed her other big trip to the Firestation.  I NEARLY missed this one too due to my tardy issues.  Seriously....I STRUGGLE!  But alas, we made it and a good time was had by all.

This pic totally stolen from Stacie Brinks page (thanks)
Whole group from the school.
Maggie would be the one with her hands over her eyes, due to the bright, BRIGHT sunshiney day.

The trip was to Superstition Farms, a working dairy farm (and consequently a mere hop, skip and a jump up the street from my brothers house, and the answer as to why their house always smells like POO).  And if by farm you mean nothing but rows and rows of cows spraying their excrement for all to see and chewing their cuds then yes, it was a farm.  It was EPIC in its farmness.

Brooklyn, Maggie and Jayce
Three cousins on a fieldtrip

First they got instructions from Ms. Ranelle to be good boys and girls

Then they got instruction from Farmer John on
the ins and outs of dairy farming.

Max was soakin up all the info. like a sponge

Next we went on a hay ride.
Navi, Maggie and Navis mom Stacie

Max and Mom taking in all the "glorious" cow sights

Brooklyn graciously showing us A LOT of COWS!

Oh look...a lot of HAY!  Good times.

Word Up!  Ladies.
you will be glad to know that these particular cows get THREE baths a day in their "spa".  And this farm makes a gajillion gallons of milk per day.
And consequently a gabajillion gallons of POO!

Next they got a chance to pet some animals.
Max was a BIG fan.

Maggie is practically a chicken holding PRO!
To be honest...I was pretty shocked she willingly held that thing.
Clearly she didn't realize the imminent danger of eye pecking.

Nothing like "brushing" the ratty hair of a sheep.

The whirlwind of excitement ended with the opportunity to partake of the milky goodness put out by all them there lady cows.
We got to choose from a multitude of flavors such as:
Pistachio (not my fave for the record)
MOO-berry (Maggies choice)
Apparently this place has some pretty damn magical cows!  'Cause my Daddy grew up on a dairy farm, milkin the cows, and they NEVER gave him anything other than plain old WHITE milk. 
And let me ask you...have you ever had milk FRESH from the cow?
I have!
Warm, wierd tasting and sometimes hairs floating in it.
This magical milk was none of that, BUT it did make me a little sick.

Finally, the kids got to drive a tractor.  Ok no, they didn't really get to DRIVE it.  Just sit in it and look really cute.

And there you have it.
Preschool field trips at their best.

May the MOOOOO be with you,



Kristina P. said...

I can smell ya from here!

Greg and Tammy said...

You look so much like Dixie in the close up of you and Max! Sounds like a fun filled farm trip!

LadyCarma said...

I grew up on a farm, milking cows, drinking raw milk. I don't recall ever having hairs or gross stuff floating in the milk! So I am sorry you had that sad experience. It isn't always like that, just for the record.

alison said...

a. really good pic of you and max :)

b. "imminent eye pecking" danger made me crack up. not that i think ocular risk is funny....just the words you used to portray said risk!

c. we have cows on our farm. they do stink. and they attract flies. have i mentioned that i can't wait to move one a land sans cow???

d. pistachio flavored milk? i am a HUGE fan of pistachios (seriously...i am near giddy over the fact that i always get a fresh supply in my Christmas stocking. yeah, i know i could buy them for myself any ole time, but pistachios never seem to be on the "must buy" list when i'm hitting up the grocery store. AND i live 20 minutes away from town thereby making a pistachio run something that just isn't economical.) but i'm not thinking i'd be all down with milky pistachioness.

aaaaaaaaaaaand i'm done ;)

Mel said...

My kids LOVE superstition farm. We went last year for their "Moo-ey Christmas" and we were the only ones there. We froze our butts off, but the kids loved it.
Cute pictures!

azandersens said...

We missed that one and the fire station. I just couldn't pull it together. Something about having three. Kind of sad b/c all farmers in our house are named "Farmer John". Don't know why. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

Why yes I have had milk right from the, no thanks ever again.

However, I do think it's great that the kids can see where their food comes from.