Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas lights and Nativities

We finally got out to see the lights at the Temple and Snowflake Alley (a neighborhood that our friends live in that is an amazing vision of Christmas spirit and a must see valley location).  I took a very FEW lame pics to document.

We went and picked Jere up from MCC, drove through McDonalds and then hit the light sights.  The kids of course LOVED seeing all the bright and beautiful lights.  There is nothing cuter than to hear them exclaim  "OH MY GOODNESS, see the bright lights." over and over.

This was the pose Maggie decided to throw up.
She was wearing her new sweater for the first time and apparently this was the appropriate look.

Sorry my camera sucks and you can NOT get the true feel for how awesome this neighborhood really is.

Every house has it's own theme and they go all out.

The kids were particularly impressed with this fake snow hill all ablaze.

Next we went to the Arizona Temple
Every year they put up l00's of thousands of lights and it's a huge attraction for the season.
There are nightly concerts and a light overload.

I particularly love the Christus back there.
Maggie knows that Jesus "lives" at the Temple and if we're ever near the grounds she MUST know where Jesus is and see him.

Pretty no?

Only 1 of 2 pictures I took of our actual trip to the Temple.

We had a lovely night of seeing lights though and I'm glad we went.

Next up....3rd Sunday with "our" Wright Family.  After a delicious dinner the kids all put on costumes (because that's how Gramma Jane roles...a boat load of costumes so ALL can be involved) and acted out the Christmas Story.


My two little cutie Shepherds.  Maggie actually willingly got dressed and participated this year.  Hooray.  Max happily put on the costume, but it lasted about as long as it took to take the pics.  Then, he was OVER IT and moved on.  The cutest was the heated debate between two of the boys over who got to be Joseph or not.  We finally told them there could be TWO Josephs.  Luckily the younger of the two forgot, or got over it and all was well.

So, there are narrators reading the story, and as each group arrives then we as the audience all sing songs that go along with that part of the story.  It's really quite fabulous.

Joseph & Mary with sweet cabbage patch Jesus.

Maggie was taking her job as a shepherd VERY seriously.

The Angels have arrived.
And apparently some angels totally use binkies.
Learn something new every day!

The Wisemen.
I love their headgear, it's so cute.

We are so thankful that the Wrights have kindly taken us in and allow us to be part of this fun tradition. Especially because they already have 27 grandkids of their own.

Bright lights big family,



Kristina P. said...

We haven't visited Temple Square yet this year. But I have visited Walmart about 234.9 times. Clearly, my priorities are in order.

Merry Christmas!

Darci Cole said...

Where is Snowflake Alley? My family always goes to look at lights on Christmas eve, I bet they'd love to visit that one, it looks amazing!

Mel said...

I love that first picture of max and Maggie. They are so cute. I can't ever get the girls to both smile and look at the camera. What a fun tradition.

Grace Adams said...

I love this because it brings back so many memories. When I was a kid, my grandmother insisted every Christmas Eve that her 6 grandchildren perform the Christmas story between dinner and opening gifts. I have stacks of photos from over the years. Our costumes were things we found at Grandmom's house, and every year, they got more creative.

Grandmom died in 2001. Her last Christmas, we were all adults. But we helped out children do it one last time for her.

Greg and Tammy said...

Looks like the makings for a VERY fantastic Christmas!! Love the sweater pic/pose of the kids. So sassy and cute!!